Audio and Visual alerts for WSJT-X & JT65-HF

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  Important JTAlert 2.14.0 supported applications change

JTAlert 2.14.0 no longer supports MixW logging or interoperation with JT65-HF or HB9HQX JT65-HF edition.
Users of MixW, JT65-HF or HB9HQX who wish to continue using JTAlert will need to use JTAlert 2.13.10

  Important Win10 users with JTAlert titlebar problems

A number of Windows 10 users, especially with the 1903 update, have experienced misplaced or misplaced menus and Band Activity display from the JTAlert titlebar or non-responsive minimize and close buttons. An alternate layout (AL) build of JTAlert is available to workaround this defect, that at this time has been unreproducible in testing. The AL build of JTAlert uses a conventional placement of the menus below the titlebar. The download link is available further down the page here.

Important: JTAlert support for Windows XP & Vista abandoned

JTAlert 2.11.5 is the last version that can be installed under Windows XP & Vista.
This is due to future code changes that require a modern .NET Framework version that
does not support either of these two very old operating systems.
Windows 7 SP1 will be the minimum version supported starting with version 2.12.0.
This is a permanent change.

Important: JTAlert 2.14.3 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2

JTAlert 2.14.3 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or later) to be installed on the PC running JTAlert.

Windows 10 PCs automatically get this version via Windows Update.
If during installation JTAlert warns that the Framework 4.7.2 is not installed
it can be downloaded direct from Microsoft using this 4.7.2 link

* Windows may require a restart to complete the 4.7.2 Framework installation.

Framework 4.7.2 is available for Windows 7 SP1 and later only.

JTAlert 2.14.3    [Software License]    [Release Notes]

Provides several audio and visual alert types based on decoded Callsigns within JT65-HF and WSJT-X.

2.14.3 Install instructions for first JTAlert install.

  1. Download HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe
  2. Run HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe to install
  3. Install the Sound and Database files (see below)
  4. Start JTAlert

2.14.3 Upgrade instructions for 2.8.0 (or later).

  1. Stop JTAlert if running.
  2. Download HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe
  3. Run HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe to upgrade.
    (All previous settings are saved and will not be lost)
  4. JTAlert is now ready to run

2.14.3 Upgrade instructions for 2.7.7 (or earlier).

  1. Stop JTAlert if running.
  2. Uninstall any previous (2.7.7 or earlier) versions currently installed (use Windows Control Panel.)
  3. Download HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe
  4. Run HamApps_JTAlert_2.14.3_Setup.exe to install.
    (All previous settings are saved and will not be lost)
  5. JTAlert is now ready to run

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Support File Downloads :

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Download Latest WSJT-X release : Here