Audio and Visual alerts for WSJT-X & JTDX

Getting Support

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JTAlert 2.16.17    [Software License]    [Release Notes]

Provides several audio and visual alert types based on decoded Callsigns within WSJT-X.

2.16.17 Install instructions for first JTAlert install.

  1. Download JTAlert.2.16.17.Setup.exe
  2. Run JTAlert.2.16.17.Setup.exe to install
  3. Install the Sound and Database files (see below)
  4. Start JTAlert

2.16.17 Upgrade instructions.

  1. Stop JTAlert if running.
  2. Download JTAlert.2.16.17.Setup.exe
  3. Run JTAlert.2.16.17.Setup.exe to upgrade.
    (All previous settings are saved and will not be lost)
  4. JTAlert is now ready to run

Download JTAlert    [Click Here]

Download Sound Files    [Click Here]

Support File Downloads :

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