JTAlert Voiced Alert Sound Files

Improving the non-English files

Voice files are computer generated using computer translated English text. Sometimes the English text translations are inaccurate or completely wrong.

If you would like improvements to the pronunciation of the voice files please download the language translation file and make the needed adjustments to the translated text.

These are small (~2kB) text files that can be opened in any plain text editor like notepad.

 Arabic   Chinese   Czech   Danish   Dutch   Finnish   French   German   Greek   Hindi   Indonesian   Italian   Japanese   Korean   Norwegian   Polish   Portuguese   Russian   Spanish   Swedish   Turkish   Ukrainian 

Once you have made the necessary corrections please email the new file to vk3ama.ham.apps [at] gmail.com for review. I will email sound files created using your new translations for you to review.

Tnx de Laurie VK3AMA

A very special thanks to the following individuals for contributing improved translations used in creating the non-English voice files, testing the new files and providing feedback.


English (UK)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(en-GB).Setup.exe (size: 5.48 MB)
English (US)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(en-US).Setup.exe (size: 5.13 MB)
English (Australia)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(en-AU).Setup.exe (size: 4.97 MB)
ArabicMale + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(ar-XA).Setup.exe (size: 5.97 MB)
Mandarin ChineseMale + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(cmn-CN).Setup.exe (size: 6.12 MB)
Czech (Czech Republic)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(cs-CZ).Setup.exe (size: 4.17 MB)
Danish (Denmark)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(da-DK).Setup.exe (size: 2.57 MB)
German (Germany)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(de-DE).Setup.exe (size: 6.08 MB)
Greek (Greece)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(el-GR).Setup.exe (size: 3.07 MB)
Spanish (Spain)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(es-ES).Setup.exe (size: 3.54 MB)
Finnish (Finland)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(fi-FI).Setup.exe (size: 2.85 MB)
French (France)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(fr-FR).Setup.exe (size: 4.83 MB)
Hindi (India)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(hi-IN).Setup.exe (size: 4.74 MB)
Indonesian (Indonesia)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(id-ID).Setup.exe (size: 5.65 MB)
Italian (Italy)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(it-IT).Setup.exe (size: 7.23 MB)
Japanese (Japan)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(ja-JP).Setup.exe (size: 6.76 MB)
Korean (South Korea)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(ko-KR).Setup.exe (size: 5.47 MB)
Norwegian (Norway)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(nb-NO).Setup.exe (size: 5.48 MB)
Dutch (Netherlands)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(nl-NL).Setup.exe (size: 6.98 MB)
Polish (Poland)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(pl-PL).Setup.exe (size: 5.09 MB)
Portuguese (Brazil)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(pt-BR).Setup.exe (size: 3.47 MB)
Portuguese (Portugal)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(pt-PT).Setup.exe (size: 5.48 MB)
Russian (Russia)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(ru-RU).Setup.exe (size: 6.59 MB)
Swedish (Sweden)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(sv-SE).Setup.exe (size: 3.19 MB)
Turkish (Turkey)Male + FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.3.(tr-TR).Setup.exe (size: 4.86 MB)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)FemaleHamApps.Sounds.2.5.4.(uk-UA).Setup.exe (size: 4.41 MB)

Release History

2.5.4Improved pronounciation for some non-English language files.
2.5.3Improved pronounciation for all non-English language files.
2.5.2Initial release.

Problem solving

If you experience problems or have questions post a message to the HamApps support group.
Please start a new message with a subject line that reflects the question or problem.